epicanthoplasty, Operasi informasi dan Sebelum & Sesudah

epicanthoplasty, Operasi informasi dan Sebelum & Sesudah, Operasi informasi


Operasi Plastik informasi

  • Durasi: 30 menit
  • Anestesi: Anestesi lokal dengan sedasi
  • Rawat Inap: tidak diperlukan
  • cabut benang: 7 hari setelah operasi
  • Jumlah Kunjungan pasca operasi: 2 kali
  • Periode pemulihan: Kembali ke aktivitas sehari-hari setelah cabut benang

Konsultasi Sebelum & SesudahTestimonials

Apa itu epicanthoplasty (magic epicanthoplasty)?
Prosedur epicanthoplasty sebelumnya meninggalkan bekas luka. Epicanthoplasty Wonjin yang membuat sayatan kecil di lipatan bagian dalam mata dan jahitan dalam tanpa meninggalkan bekas luka. Lipatan yang menutupi sudut dalam mata yang disebut lipatan ‘Mongolia” . Ini bisa membuat mata tampak jauh dan memberikan kesan pengap. Melalui epicanthoplasty kita dapat meningkatkan panjang mata, memberikan bentuk mata yang jernih dan halus dan ekspresi wajah lebih lembut. Jika dilakukan bersamaan dengan operasi kelopak mata ganda, Anda bisa mendapatkan hasil yang lebih memuaskan.
Cocok untuk mereka yang
  1. 1. Ingin mata lebih besar dan mata terlihat elas
  2. 2. memiliki lipatan moggolia
  3. 3. Memiliki jarak yang besar antara mata
  4. 4. Ingin memiliki operasi revisi

Epicanthoplasty features

Precise incision:Decrease scarring and swelling, Ideal angle control:Pointed, slanted eyes become bigger and smoother, Long lasting effect:Probability of revision surgery is low, Twice the effects with one surgery:Wider eyes create bigger eyes

Epicanthoplasty surgical method

Before surgery → Precise design → Slit the Mongolian fold → After surgery

can eyes become much bigger with Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty?

If the vertical length of eyes are originally big, the effect would be better. However, a big change can’t be highly anticipated with canthoplasty only. Usually, a more dramatic effect can be seen if canthoplasty is done together with double eyelid surgeries.
2~3mm for Epicanthoplasty, 4~5mm for Lateral canthoplasty can be opened to widen the horizontal length of the eyes thus making the eyes bigger and deep.

epicanthoplasty Sebelum dan Sesudah

Won’t Epicanthoplasty leave scars?

The inner corner of the eyes are sensitive to scars and therefore incision part and careful design is very important.
It usually leaves white scar as the outer skin of the Mongolian fold is incised.
To overcome this, Wonjin incises a little bit on the conjunctiva in the eyes and sutures towards the inner skin so that scars aren’t visible from outside.

epicanthoplasty Sebelum dan Sesudah

Won’t the eyes look too close towards each other?

Wonjin does not focus simply on widening the eye length.
We must consider the balance of exposure of red flesh in the inner corner of eyes and the distance between the glabella when doing the epicathoplasty.
A slight difference of 1mm can overly expose the red flesh or the eyes might look too close towards each other. Therefore, epicanthoplasty is recommended only when it is needed and the balance should be the utmost priority.

epicanthoplasty Sebelum dan Sesudah

Can slanted eyes also be corrected?

The main purpose of canthoplasty is not only making bigger eyes but correcting the shape to make pretty eyes.
If the slanted eyes give a sharp impression, Lateral Hot’z can be done to incise the lower part on the outer corner downwards as an oval shape. This way, a much cuter impression can be formed.

epicanthoplasty Sebelum dan Sesudah

Won’t the lateral canthoplasty stick back to its original state after some time?

The tissues often stuck back again during the recovery stage after canthoplasty surgeries in existence because the outer skin was incised.
To prevent this, Wonjin incises the inner conjunctiva of the eyes and removes the mucous membrane that sticks skin completely. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about the recurrence.

epicanthoplasty Sebelum dan Sesudah

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