A Roly Poly Face to a slim and sophisticated face

My plastic surgery story A Roly Poly Face to a slim and sophisticated face Surgery has been successfully completed. This is a picture taken in the recovery room. It was kind of hard to breathe since my nose was covered. Also, I was not familiar with breathing through my mouth only. Two weeks have passed[…]


Hello. It’s me again

My plastic surgery story Hello. It’s me again I got my nose done followed by Two Jaw surgery. I was really stressed out with my curved nose which caused functional problems as well, so I decided to get the nose correction. I want my nose be more natural To be honest, I had consultations with[…]


My mother is going through so much trouble because of me.

My plastic surgery story The time is 11:30pm!!! For the past 23 years I have lived with a protruding jaw, had difficulty when chewing food, awkward pronunciation, and an ‘older than my age’appearance due to a long face. I am both worried and nervous about having surgery to correct these problems! It is especially difficult[…]


My plastic surgery story

My plastic surgery story I arrived in Korea yesterdayand was taken to my consultation immediately. I was so excited! When I headed towards the clinic, it was in the middle of the bustling but beautiful Gangnam St. and I got to enjoy the sights on my way. When I arrived, I was greeted by Ms.[…]


The night before my two jaw surgery

My plastic surgery story The night before my two jaw surgery.. I have been diagnosed with having a long and asymmetric face … So don’t judge me for getting two jaw surgery just for the ‘aesthetic improvements.’ I need to also improve my jaw functions as well ^^. Because of my long and crooked face[…]


The two jaw surgery of my dreams

My plastic surgery story The two jaw surgery of my dreams~ In two days, I will finally get the two jaw surgery that I have been dreaming of ~Through the ‘Look at me’ program, I have been able to receive both two jaw and facial contouring surgeries at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. While looking at[…]